Why You Should Be Blogging

I currently run a blog on this site, my personal blog, and write weekly for the Odyssey. Basically, I’m managing 3 separate blogs at once.

Why am I doing this? My simple love of writing? Well, yes actually. I do really love to write. Having multiple blogs forces me to keep writing. Even when I don’t necessarily want to.

But aside from just loving to write, blogging is a very important tool when it comes to marketing your business. Haven’t started your blog yet? Well, here’s why you need to start!

1. Show Your Expertise

The best thing about blogging is that it gives you a chance to show what you know! Potential customers are more likely to trust you and the services or products you offer if they see that you also write about it. Show off that you are an expert in your field and people will flock to your business!

2. Perfect Writing Skills

No matter what industry you’re in, it’s important to know how to write. Reading and writing blogs really helps me hone in on my skill. Writing is also a skill that is easy to loose if you are not doing it often. Blogging gives you the opportunity to keep your skills sharp! If they are not, people will notice (including your customers!)

3. Showcase Company Culture

Another thing that I love about blogging is that it gives me a chance to show my personality or culture of my business. If you are in a business where professionalism is key, you can show that in your writing style. If you’re business is a little more laid back and fun, you can throw in some jokes for a laugh. The culture of your business is important to your customer. They want to know who they are doing business with. Blogging gives you an opportunity to show them exactly who!

I hope these tips make you ready to write your company’s first blog post . If you’re a little hesitant, feel free to contact me! I can help bring your words to life!

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