Content Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is approaching and people everywhere are planning to shower their loved ones with flowers, chocolate, and affection.

Businesses should also be thinking ahead for the holiday. Your social media plan should reflect that you are ready to bring customers to your business. Here are some simple and fun ways to get your content in the holiday spirit!

1. Offer Discount for Couples

Depending on what you’re selling, you may be able to offer a discount to your followers. A great way to promote a deal on Facebook is to create an offer. With Facebook Pages, you can create an offer to your followers that will direct them right to your website.

You can learn more about offers here.

Offer a discount for visiting your store with a partner or buying two products instead of one. Not only will this encourage customers to visit your website or business, but to invite others to do so, as well!

2. Giveaway a Date Night

Giveaways and social media go hand in hand. Valentine’s Day and dates go hand in hand. Why not try both?

Partner with another business like a restaurant or movie theater. Giveaway tickets or a gift card to those who follow or share your post.

Instagram is a great platform for giveaways. Post an eye catching picture of the prize or a couple enjoying the prize. Tell your followers to like and post an image with a certain tag or hashtag (or both!). Now, they are sharing your giveaway with their followers!

Promote your website while promoting love! Everybody wins!

3. Why We Love Our Customers

Showing love does not have to stop at our significant others. Take this opportunity to show love to your customers!

Do a series of posts throughout the month about why you love your customers. Friendly? Loyal? Always give great feedback? No matter what your customer bring to your business, let them know that you appreciate them!

Now, that you have some ideas to get your brain going, let me help you create the perfect social media post to boost your business. Contact me and let’s get working!

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