Attracting an Audience on Social Media

You’ve created killer content. Designed a perfect profile photo. You’re social media sites are ready for viewers! But, where are they?

One thing most business owners struggle with is attracting people on social media. If you’re creating content for no one, you may feel discouraged to create any content at all.

No matter how discouraged you feel, DON’T STOP creating content! That is the best thing you can do to gain a audience. Here are some of my favorite ways to attract on audience on my favorite platforms.


One of my favorite ways to attract an audience on Facebook is joining Facebook groups of people with similar interests as myself.

For example, I’ve been joining female entrepreneur and blogging groups on Facebook. These groups have not only given me great advice and motivation to make my business successful, but also a chance to share my content. Many of these groups have promo days where you can post a link to your latest post, e-course, product, etc.

Here are some of the Facebook Groups I follow:


The best way to get a larger audience on Instagram is to make use of hashtags. They really bring people to your page!

Each post should have some kind of hashtag that relates to the post or your business. It doesn’t have to be something clever. If you’re promoting a post about cats (which I have a lot of experience in doing), you can use the hashtag #cats. Even you’re feeling fun, I love using #catlife to illustrate what it’s like having a cat in your life.

You can also use hashtags to find people and posts related to you! If you’re business is all about baked goods, search the hashtag #dessert or #pastry. You’ll find all kinds of people who are sharing things about that hashtag. Comment on their posts, leave a like, or even follow! This may lead them back to your profile!


The best thing I’ve ever done on Pinterest to get my followers up is participate in group boards. A group board is basically a board that multiple people can contribute to. You can ask to be apart of other group boards that are consistent with your niche. I find it helpful to follow each contributor in the group board once I’m accepted.

Creating a group board is also great! It’s the same as creating any board except you add other Pinterest members to it. Then, you share your posts together. I’ve noticed my followers drastically increase once I started my own board.

Try some of these tips to grow your social media audience! Need some extra help? Contact me today so we can help you grow together.

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