How to Brand Yourself using Canva

Not only is Canva a really great design tool, but it’s also a great branding tool. With Canva, I have established a consistent brand for Maria Marketing Management and my blog, According to Brittney.

Canva is one of my favorite social media tools. I use it with every marketing project I’m apart of. It’s easy to use, creates quality images, and gives social media a professional look.

If you are not familiar with Canva, it’s a design tool that makes beautiful graphics easily. It’s mostly just drag and drop.

I recommend Canva to anyone who is looking to make their social media look flawless. Here’s how you can use Canva to help with your business branding.

1. Brand Colors

One cool feature of Canva is brand colors. Even with the free version, you can set two brand colors for your business. So, whenever you create an image using Canva, you can easily click to use those colors at any time. With the paid version of Canva, you can set even more colors!

Canva brand colors

This feature really helps with branding because setting up the tone of my blog includes using the right color for everything. You never want to second guess something so crucial to the brand of your business!

2. Make Use of Saved Designs

Whenever you make an image on Cavna, the design is saved in the “All Your Designs” section. This makes all your past designs forever at your disposal! Make use of this by creating consistency within your posts by using your design as a template for future posts.

For example, on According to Brittney, I do a “Question of the Week” post every week. Instead of creating a new post each week which inevitably with hurt my consistency (I can’t make the exact same image twice from scratch!), I use the same image or slightly tweak it in Canva.


According to Brittney Question

This makes my life much easier! But more importantly, it keeps my brand consistent and fabulous (if I say so myself!)

3. Upload Your Own Images

There are so many free images and elements on Canva that you can use anytime. There are even more with the paid version. This makes designing easy and fun, but sometimes you already have an image you’d like to use. Luckily, you can upload your own images to Canva to enhance your designs.

Canva uploading images

This feature is definitely great for branding because you can add your business logo and drop it into any (or every) design you make! There’s no easier way to add your logo to an image!

I hope these tips help you get started with Canva and branding your business. Need some extra help? Be sure to contact me and I can help you get your business sparkling!


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